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the brand-building distributor

In our minds there is no doubt that representing a brand involves a lot more than efficient product distribution alone. We are full-service distributors with a focus on building consumer brands in the Benelux.

We translate the brand DNA into a sound, innovative and relevant strategy whereby we put the local consumer at the heart of all we do. We purchase the products from the brand owner after which we take care of the logistics, sales, marketing, PR and customer service.

We turn the brand into a strong, local brand through giving it our personal time and attention, through building partnerships and by focusing on the consumer. Happy consumers mean happy retailers, happy brand owners and a happy distributor.

A passion for brands

focus on consumer needs

<strong>When we established our business we knew that building brands takes time, that distributorships could be different and that we had a real passion for great brands. </strong> In order to give the brand the time and attention that it deserves, we have chosen for a smaller-scale approach.

The BrandParents was established by BrandMother Emmi Rudelic (Founder &amp; owner) and BrandFather Bart Trautwein (Sales &amp; Marketing Director). Emmi and Bart gained the necessary experience and expertise working for international organisations such as Johnson &amp;Johnson, Colgate-Palmolive, Schwarzkopf &amp; Henkel, KLM and Martinair and they are therefore fully acquainted with retail dynamics. Building brands is what they do best and putting the consumer first has become second nature to them.

A succesful future

We are looking for high-quality and distinctive brands which offer added value to local consumers. These could be completely new concepts or brands that have already proven themselves internationally.


They sometimes say that all good things come from above. However, as far as women’s monthly periods are concerned, the best surely comes from ‘down under’: from Australia. Cottons has been a very popular brand on the other side of the world since 1994 and is currently taking the world by storm.

Cottons for Mama

Our cotton tampons have excellent absorbency and are fully biodegradable, offer great ventilation and are extremely comfortable. Finally, she can breathe a sigh of relief!


Comforts distinguishes itself from other brands because of its 100% natural cotton coversheet. Gone are the days where women had no other choice but to buy synthetic products.

Achieving common objectives through establishing partnerships

We consider partnerships to be the way forward as far as the retailer-brand relationship is concerned.

We consider partnerships to be the way forward as far as the retailer-brand relationship is concerned. Both retailers and distributors can achieve their objectives by putting consumers’ interests first in the long term.

This relationship can be developed for the brands we already represent or be based on local and international brands that we will find for you in order to expand your segment or product offering. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about our working practices for our current portfolio or your product/segment.

Our approach

Are you, like our other brands, ready to conquer the Benelux market? In that case The BrandParents is the distributor you’ve been looking for!

<p style=”max-width: 65%; margin: 0 auto;”>We are an innovative, strategic and out-of-the-box partner who will give your brand the personal attention and time that it deserves. It means less risk for you as you will only have to deal with us. We take over a lot of the hard work, saving you time and energy.</p>


Every successful partnership starts with a handshake. We would love to meet you to talk about possible cooperation.

If you are happy with what we have to offer, we will start our exploratory, preliminary research:

What is the potential of the brand within its category, what are the long term trends, how does the brand distinguish itself from its competitors and what are the initial consumer reactions?

We place great value on this initial research since this will provide a sound foundation for a successful long term partnership.

Would you like to find out more?

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Bloggers about our brands

The consumers themselves have the last word and a strong voice. They are very positive about our products in various blogs and reviews.

I highly recommend this product to you guys! The sanitary towels are light and soft and you don’t feel them, just like the tampons.

Maartje (Degroenewereldverbeteraar)

I am very impressed with the Cottons products. First and foremost because they are so user-friendly, i.e. they do what it says they will do. The packaging is ‘clean’ and easy to take with you and makes us feel comfortable. It is great to know that these products do not contain any synthetic materials or dyes. This is not only better for the environment but also for our bodies and health. We are very happy with this product!

The Green Girls Blog

I was initially a little bit nervous about changing brands as my periods are quite heavy. I will spare you the details and it is enough to say that I am very happy with Cottons! There is no strange smell, the material is soft and the product is very absorbent.

Harmke (Pranabanana)